Day 26 (until dawn)

The computers are running, everything seems good so far and I am just getting the old data on an external disk, so they can access it later because the new computers don’t have a free hard disk slot, too bad. And there was a lot going on in my head.

And later I will install Linux on my SSD, finally. I wanted to do this for some years now, but never did it, always said, I will do when I have time. But now is this time. It may be nothing special, but for me it is. And this night I have had several computers running, the new ones installing updates and configuring as well as mine with the disks copying data.
Looked like in these hacker scenes 😀 But well in some way it is.
Who knows what I will do, where I will be in a year?
Everything is possible, but well there still is this fear to be wrong, this fear to just go when it is best, if you know what I mean. With a smile, just there next to a tree, sleeping and never waking up again. And then, I will leave you all. Maybe I could still be with you all, help you from the other side. But it is easier when I am here, I think, easier for you. I hope it is what it is when I am one with everything.

Fearless Soul posted something like yesterday: “You are not going crazy. You are waking up.”

Well, let’s hope I can trust on that because I feel as if I could fly, but I know that I can’t yet, but I am not dreaming. I thought about a moment, was just “day” dreaming (at night), I and my trust friend just somewhere without people nearby. And I tell him that I can fly when I want. But when I try, it doesn’t work, so I say: “Well, not yet. But when time comes, I will fly.”
When I look back through all the dreams I had, which I can remember, than there are a lot in which I could fly and it felt so natural, so easy and good.
I even had dreams in which I could move things by thought and not just myself. Even broke a window once. People, I think there really is more too it. Maybe different, but definitely worth a thought, worth a feeling.

I am starting to watch “The End of the f***ing World” now. I just have to because it has to do with Stranger Things in this new series next week. And I just watched the first 2 minutes and I am already in.

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