Day 26 (morning)

Yep, I think this was a little bit too much for my head because I enjoyed every bit and I already watched three episodes. They are all around 20-30 minutes so no big deal. But it is pretty fucked up. And I wasn’t sure whether I should just laugh about it, do nothing or cry, but I decided to laugh a little. Why not? I mean, there is just a guy who wants to kill someone who killed a bunch of animals as a kid. Isn’t this funny?

(911. I think we have a problem here.)

Hey wait, what? No, I just, it is just a movie, just a movie. The hell, why do you call the cops?

(You seem like a threat to society and you could become a killer. So I am just helping you, okay?)

Alright… alright? I mean, what?!

(Wasn’t you the one who wrote: “I could have become a killer”?)

Eh, yeah, I guess so?

(Guys, over here, I have the man.)

No, no, no, no. This must be a …

Sir, this is the police! You are under arrest for being a potential threat. What you say can and will….

When a mind goes on a trip.
What is the limit to be worried?
I really think this series triggered something because I searched for it and watched it against the common flow of things. The last weeks I just watched things which showed up somewhere and it was always good. But no wait, it actually did show up. So I am fine.

(Are you sure?)

Who is talking???

(Are you sure about that?)


(I am Peter… Peter Mount fuck you ass)

Peter… what are you doing here?

(Nothing, just typing)

Yep, typing as well.

(I know what you did there.)

Oh, you mean the cup cakes?

(You made cup cakes? Eh no, the other thing.)

My oil painting?

(Nooo. I saw you last night in the garden, with a shovel.)

Ah the shovel…. *nervous laughter* Well, I think I … *runs towards the shelf with the fake weapons*


(At this point there is an emergency. The brain seems to have a fatal error in the sectors A1, C5 and … let me see… Delta Force, no wait, this is my checklist for tomorrow. The main sector has a meltdown and the creative sector seems to overheat. Two units firefighters and one unit marines needed. Unit 12 and 13, into main sector, unit 41 into the creative sector. Some of the “lab rats” got out of the cages.

*sirens intensify*

And I am creating a track, but I don’t know, this is pretty fucked up, everything. I think I made a mistake. (Emergency contdown)

Where to draw the line, between a role and reality?
When is the good the evil and the evil the good? Can we see both as equal?
But then there are people dying. What is good? They die anyways…
And still, I see a chance for change.

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