Day 24 (first hours)

I think it is time for me to go on another walk into the forest.
My gut is hurting again. I watched also the 10th episode now.
And I had a long good conversation with my mother. Not about it, no but about many things. It wasn’t good at first, but at least it was good in the end, at least I hope. But I made mistakes… and well my gut hurts. But I just need to go in the first again. It was so good the last time.

I brought me peace, feelings and so many good thoughts and emotions.
This forest always was my friend, but I feared it at night and now I love it.
It is only sad that there are almost no animals. I hope there are more, but I didn’t hear them, didn’t see them. Sure it was night, but not even a broken stick or something, just nothing.

Maybe I have to give the forest what it needs while I get what I need.
Trees man… ^^

And it is strange, but it really helped. I went in with strange feelings and got out with peace, love and freedom. I hope to get the same tonight.
Maybe today I will meet an animal. But if I would be a deer I would also hide, all these car noises all night long and then a human waking… I would hide as well or run away. I mean I could be a hunter or whatever. And these cars man… Sometimes I even don’t know whether I still hear cars or just imagine them, but there are so many.

(Compared to a city just a few, but too much if you want to have it quiet. And I mean I actually would want to hear the forest, but instead I hear cars… in the forest.)

Later people! 🙂
I will have a forest walk now.

I was on another 2-3 hour walk through the forest and it was even better than last time. This time only used the flash times two times, for just some seconds each time and both times I could have just let it, but I just wanted to be sure. I heared some bird I think when I entered, after a while I heared branches cracking, but not loud. So I wanted to see what it was and when I turned the flash light on I saw something like wheezle or something like that and it just ran off like hell. After some more time I came to a bench but it was a different bench, this time a walked into another direction. I was sitting there for a while. All the time I was one with everything, I didn’t see where I was walking most of the time and just looked up in the sky. I was think about everything, literally everything in some way, all was there, super powers, time travel, existence, connection, love, freedom, peace, everything (I can’t tell you all because it is just too much and many things can just be experienced). On this bench at one point the first prayer Jesus told his followers came in mind and with it an owl wheremaking a sound at least three times, maybe only three times. I thought about so many things and I am sure that I will do this again some time soon. Probably not tomorrow, but maybe in a couple of days. It is just unexplainable, awesome, amazing and there was just this peace in mind. I just trusted to walk on the path and I walked on it, while I partially didn’t even see my hands. Just an experience, an experience beyond normal, beyond what a mind can really process or call possible. I walked like a blind one most of the time. But I moved fast with a steady step. At first I was slower and still a little careful with my steps, but after some meters I just walked and walked. Next time I will try it without using the flash light even once. I just used it once because I wasn’t sure about the animal with the branches and when there was one path leading right, so I wanted to check whether there was another one in front. I felt that there must be one, but I couldn’t see anything, so I turned the flash light on and yep there was a path. Man…

I will now continue 13 reasons why and eat and drink something.
Till evening or later maybe. 😀

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