Day 23 (late evening)

A deep soul, I knew it when I have seen her first music video.
But this is even better. We all have to stand up, but only if we are ready.
Am I ready? – I mean in theory anyone could read this, but still only one sometimes does, as far as my statistics go. It has to be heard, it has to be louder.
(I actually wrote until here before I watched the video)

And she speaks out of my soul.
Many of it is what I could say about myself and already wrote.
Just good.

My poems are available again, only in german for now, but maybe I will translate them at some point in the near future.

Just click on the button in the top right corner, there you should now find a menu entry called “Poems”. Just some of my old works, some are lost, some are burned or thrown away. Some just weren’t published. We will see.
For now just these are out again. Many are painful in different ways, just to warn you. I didn’t feel good most of the time when I wrote them, despite the content.

I will probably continue 13 reasons why after I finished listening to the last song. The crazy ones know why they are crazy, at least they knew at one point. The broken are broken because the got broken. The sad are sad for a good reason. This world is so strange, but we can create our own, we can, we will and pleace, don’t use violence, don’t be like them.

When I stopped this morning, I were half through the 9th episode and not I finished it and it gave me water in the eyes, I almost cried.

Maybe people never change, but I believe they do, it depends on how you see it. And when I look back into my past, I sure changed a lot. When I learned more about the world I lived in, the more I learned, the more I changed. At first for the worst, but now for the better and I have a whole new view on everything. Maybe I already had it as a kid, I can’t tell for sure. But if so, I just couldn’t handle it and then I lost it. Now I have it back.
This year really is different. Just don’t follow the wrong people, okay?

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