Day 22 (early morning)

Well, I was in the forest walking until now and I also was on a forest bench for a while. I was just lying on it, looking into the night sky, thinking.
After a while I change to sitting. And then I walked back the several kilometers I walked. I at least walked 10 kilometers in total I think.

And I walked the whole time without a flash light or something. Only on the first meters I turned it on for a couple of times, each time just for a few seconds, to see where I was walking because at first I almost fell down.
But then I just could see the road without the flash light. I found God.
Within me, around me, above. I cried and I smiled, I had a very deep monolog going on in my head. Thanking for all the things I have, all the nature and how sad it was to see an empty forest. I really didn’t hear a sound the whole time and I was a around 3 hours in the forest.

I only heard some cars and when I got near it, the river next to the bench.
Only when I was at border of my home village I heard something from the forest. I am not sure whether it was a deer or some kind of bird, but this was the only living thing I heard tonight. And after I talked with God, myself and about everything, (It really was amazing, but it wasn’t what you think, I bet), I continued my book. And man at some point I just had a movie ongoing inside my head, while I was walking home again. Holy shit. And it was good. I mean I don’t know about you, but for me it was a total mind blow. It all was like a movie man.

I bet write down these notes man, before I lose the story details 🙂
See ya.

I wrote 5 A4 pages and all just notes. Now I will probably shower and go to bed. Pretty tired now. And after sleeping I will continue writing on the book.
I sure didn’t write down all necessary details, but maybe I remember them while writing. And if not, at least I now have some notes and a lot more things to write. And a way to find more things to write, a good walk through the dark forest. 😀

It was like these water tanks where you can go in and it is all dark and no sounds, only the water. I never was in one of them, but watched some documentaries and experiences about them. Pretty interesting and well a dark forest with a river is almost the same I think. But no, I didn’t see anything, no ghosts, no shadows. But I have recieved a lot in my brain.
I just can’t write it all down, but I felt everything, I even asked for more tears because I was so happy about crying and I could actually cry some more.

It is undescribeable, if you never experienced something like that.
I just knew it was right and I feel so good and happy.
People go into the dark woods sometimes… xD
No, please don’t, if you don’t know what you are doing.
I often was in these woods when I was a kid and I also wasn’t walking through there the first time at night, so I was not unprepared and I actually made small steps. First just walking on the border of the dark forest, than inside with a flash light and now without using it. But I didn’t just walk in there like nothing the first time. At first I was scared, but now I am just free and happy about the dark forest, except that it seemed so dead and quiet.

Well, I didn’t shower yet, but I watched the 7th episode of the second season 13 Reasons why and well it started with a drug trip, oh boy and it really fit my forest experience. But I didn’t take drugs and mine was pure magic and I am still good. I will go to bed now, till next time. Love you all.

(While no one actually reads this blog :D)
(And man, will he really go into bed like this?)
Yep, sure thing.
(Oh boy… what a weirdo this guy)

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