Day 20 (early morning)

It is pretty strange right now, I am adding new YouTube videos (most of the time it is music) to my list, while I am writing her and parallel writing on my book, while thinking about other things. Is this multithreading on a whole new level? Wait, how many arms do I have? Two… check.

Well, of course I am not actually doing it all at the exact same time, this really is impossible, at least right now, maybe not in the future.
But I write here a little, then I am switching over to the book and to YouTube and so on.

Tonight was a very insightful night and also a very inspiring, creative one.
I am not sure where it all came from, but at least some human interaction was involved, with a stranger on the internet. Hello to you, maybe you know that you are meant. Just feel love and a big thank you from a total stranger. 🙂 And also to my trusted one, I know you don’t have time right now, but when you have time again, also a big thanks to you. You don’t know how much you did for me, by doing almost nothing, just existing, listening and letting me be. I hope it wasn’t too hard for you and you told me that I also had a positive impact on you before you went on your trip.
And stay save, both of you!

Maybe I have a biological problem in relation with food because I much more powerful right now and open and peaceful, after eating just some basica oat flakes. Even as a kid, just eating bread with some citrus liquid and some mayo seemed like a good meal to me. I just loved it. When I really just eat what I want, not out of depression or the need for food, I feel much better. But these things often seem so boring and uncommon, like bread with some fat cream and citrus liquid or oat flakes with milk and cocoa.

Strange life, strange world, but I am happy to be part of it, at least for the moment. 🙂 In my own little world. And I actually have 63 pages now.
I am getting somewhere. I mean I started with less than 20 A5 pages last evening (around 6 PM) and now I have written over 40 pages.

I can’t believe I wrote this much tonight. What a night man, what a life.

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