Day 15 (until dawn)

“If they say, you can’t do it. Do it!” –
“If it’s useful, do it!” – Warframe

Many things are different these days and still the world is the same.
Most people go after what most people do and if it means doing what no one does. So actually everything is done and we who think, we will never be a part of it, we will still think, we are different, even or especially when they act as if they now understand.

The world never changed my friends, it only looks different.

Who are we, who can’t seem to fit it? From my perspective, we know more about life while we might not understand all of it or think we do.
The actual life and not what is sold as such, no matter how different it looks from the past, it gets always sold some way and many believe it until they know better or die in the believe they weren’t supposed to have it.

And maybe those who think they weren’t supposed to have the life, they had, could have been who would change how it went.

We the broken ones, we are the ones who feel, what the world actually is, but the others just think it is normal and if not, they drink beer, take drugs and pretend to be happy. But we know, this isn’t it. We may take drugs, may drink beer as well, but only to forget or maybe even in an attempt to make it all stop. We are crazy, we are strange, no ones seems to understand, maybe some. At least we might understand each other, if not in words, in feelings.

And I just think, that there should be a way, to make use of our power and not get lost in this world. We could help each other, we could help people who might be new to these feelings, even normal people can break down because in the end we are all humans. But no, we aren’t all the same. This is just a lie, in fact we are all different. Even twins don’t always share the same interests, so why should humans be all the same?

Our difference is actually what makes us whole and what makes us strong, a family and friends. If we all would be the same, we would all just go insane. We crazy ones, we sure know. So stay with me folks, we are not alone, but more lonely than it seems.

Oh man, my heart goes down again, stomach is shaking again.
I might really have a heart problem around here, but well I don’t see a need for a doctor yet. Because I still hope it might be just what it is, my heart trying to show it is still here. More than before.

It feels good, while it actually could be bad. And then I just feel that I am nearer to life than ever before. Not because I am living a life like everyone else, but because I am feeling happier the way things are going. In a strange way of course, but I am strange and I just want to be good in my strange ways.

Should this be helpful, thank you and all power to you, whatever it is for you. All the love and hope to you. We can’t change the world, but our own and we can help or change something. I started my change already, but it doesn’t look like much so far. We will see.

I have written enough for tonigh. Heart signing off. Till next time!

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