Day 14 (first hour)

I just finished Orphan Black and now I want to watch it again.
I won’t, but I would, if I wouldn’t know everything already.

This series had it all again, from chesse to real, from low to high and deep to just funny. Another message on my path and a very good one.
It wasn’t about clones, it was about us all. We aren’t just our bodies, our genes. We are so much more than that.

But the full message is much bigger of course and for everyone a little different, so just watch it yourself if you want. I don’t know how you will think about it, but from my part, there is just joy and inspiration and a one of a kind series within Orphan Black. Not all might be new, not all so individual, but we are also not too different on the other hand. So why should it be a problem?

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