Day 14 (late night)

It is getting bad again, I think (as if it was ever really good, right?)
For some weeks it was. Just some weeks, but better than nothing.
Heaven for a month. Could me some advertising thing.

Make holidays like never before! Quit your job, live your life and have the best time of your life. It is like heave for a month.

But naah, I think I wouldn’t buy this. Too good to be true. 😉
It isn’t in one way because I could be true, but not for I suppose.
I have given up when I wasn’t even 10, so how should I manage something like that? I didn’t gave up the “career”, but I knew I wouldn’t succeed and wouldn’t want a career, so I didn’t in the end. It only took me 10 years to reach the point I already knew all those years ago.

Either I can live with it or I can’t, there is no second chance because I have everything I need, I always knew deep down, but didn’t trust.

I am not writing much because I am actually writing on a book. Maybe it is something I will continue for more than just two pages or just stop after twenty. It is too real at the moment, but then why can’t it be? Is it imporant to write fake books, fake stories to be accepted? Sometimes I think it is.

I just wrote four pages for the “book” or whatever it will be. Maybe just nothing again. But at least nothing, with a lot of content. 😀 So at least it is equal to what the internet is full of… nothing with a lot of content.

I really hope I will continue to write on it. Who knows, maybe I will do something with it. But I can’t think about making it public just now, because then I would probably just delete it again or stop because of the pressure.

We will see, stay tuned. 🙂

(Listening to the music while watching the second video)