Day 13 (evening)

You may find old post from me, where I am almost raging about people who are defending the evolution theory and such things. Sometimes my inner war came out and didn’t do any useful things.

If you should stumble over some of these, well I changed, I hope.
And I regret posting it, but I won’t delete it because it is my past and erasing it would only feel like lying again. No more lies, please.
I know the world will still lie, people will, but you don’t have to and I shouldn’t lie anymore. Maybe sometimes we don’t have to say everything, but for ourselves, the truth is better. Another situation is, when someone is in danger (for example someone could get killed if you don’t answer). I can’t tell you what to do in such a situation, but if you should lie, at least try to make it a half truth, so it is not all a lie. But then I am wrong after all. So don’t listen to me, just do what your heart says.

Charactersitics should only help, not put into boxes.
For example the MB 16 personalitiy thing, it is cool and interesting and can actually help people to feel not too alone or wrong in todays world.
Also it helps to understand why things can be as they are for some people, but if we only go after it we will be lost in another box system in the end. Not everything is this simple and I believe that there is a possibility to change ones personality, also in a scientific way. And still this personality thing is important and very useful. Just don’t stay in it, like a “it explains everything, no I can rest” kind of thing. It explains a lot and in some way “everything”, but not really, so it should be a good learning source and helper, but not the only reason to live or die. Understand?

A way, a path for existence, for life.
I walking through a dark valley, a dark forest, but I have to trust my better side, what it holds and is connected with and for.

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