Day 12 (until dawn)

Work is never done, when you feel sick. If you feel sick, you can’t do your work. Was it work which made you sick? Does work help to make you feel better? It depends on the work and whether you love it or hate it. It could also be something in between, so you just don’t care about work and just do it. Working for yourself is better, than working for money alone. Money won’t give you love, money won’t save you from anxiety, money won’t give you real friends and money can’t replace people. So why do you work for it? If it is just to survive, than think about it again. Do you really survive – without love, passion, friends and a hell of anxiety and problems around your back? I bet you are better off doing something you really like.

I am watching the last 5 episodes of Orphan Black and man it was a ride.
Just sad that it ends this way, but that is just how it is. It had a very great story, despite some “american” aspects ^^ but well it made it even better for me because it was meant to be this way and not just because. At least it didn’t feel like it. And it has a wounderful story. Maybe with some open questions (many questions), but I just love it.

Well okay I didn’t continue watching Orphan Black because I found these videos, but after the next couple of videos I will. And then at some point today I will watch these workshop videos as well 🙂

It is strange how you can force yourself to enjoy music and interesting ideas and talks, while you don’t have to force yourself at all. It is more of a “I want it all”, but I have to hold myself back because I can’t do multiple things at once. I just wouldn’t be the same. Writing and listening is okay because while I am listening I am getting inspiration and motivation for the writing. So I should say, I could probably always listen to something and do something, when I don’t have to actually understand everything or get every note. But sometimes I just want to listen. To get a deeper experience.

I should also add that I give all the videos in this list a thumbs up before I watch or listen to them and I add them to the list and I don’t change it afterwards, at least I can’t remember doing so for a video. Maybe one or two in a tousand? Maybe. But in general it just always is good or even perfect for the moment and sometimes even in order or relation with what I am writing or heard before, watched on Netflix, talked about.

Ultimate synchronicity – all I can say about this.

As the Nightwave says: “Dreamers…” and now it is time to watch the next episode of Orphan Black. Tomorrow I will have to make some things.
Have a good night and dream something nice. And if your are just reading all of this at once, just have a good thought instead. .-)

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