Day 12 (evening)

*When I actually am a natural talent for turning people into buyers, but think I have to do something else*

With natural talent I mean, that I am a nice human being, I really want to help people and get them what they actually need. So I don’t just want to sell shit or what all the others do. I don’t want shit, you don’t want shit, so why should I sell shit, right? And this is why I am a natural talent of some sort. People like me and I like them, if they don’t hurt me too much or want to hurt me just because.

The world is just getting more interesting each day. I don’t say that everything is good and in my perspective the “I am selling things online” thing can be strange. But after my first experiences without actually getting money, but at least doing something I never did, I learned a lot about myself and what is possible.

But if I don’t sell, what I don’t want to support, I am fine and by selling or offering things I personally love or would want, there wouldn’t be this problem. I wouldn’t say I would be a good one nor this successful maybe, but for me, I just want to get some money for work I actually want to do.

I mean I am writing all day down, you could say. I am making music, posting music and motivational things as well as things related to depression and mental illnesses etc. So basically all around things which interest me, which help me and others as well. This is already some kind of business, but without me getting any money for it right now.
(Business in terms of working with passion and putting something out there, but it isn’t an actual business yet.)

After all it costs money to learn how to get money, which is not a good thing for me. Don’t get this wrong, I already said that I have no problem with people getting money for their work, but that I would love to have such knowledge for free.

If everyone could just access this for free, without any interaction, they could be happier and would want to actually put some money into it.
Or in my case, I would probably go this far and buy the course they are offering on SFM website, but I simply have no payment option which is suitable for me and it is an american thing.

What I would want, is a german thing, with english as an option.
Because I personally like to write in english (as you might have noticed ehem), but while you might understand what I am writing or talking about, it could be difficult for me to actually communicate with someone who only understands english. Not because I wouldn’t be able to understand him or tell him something, but just the stress that they could misunderstand me and very likely won’t understand german, is enough stress for me.

So human interaction should be always optional and the best way to interact for people like, still stays via writing somewhere. Be it an email, something like Telegram or WhatsApp, a chat or something like that.
It is just safer and I can feel relaxed, while I can still interact with people.

Do you offer something like this? Well, just contact me, but it is very likely that I am the one who should offer this to you. While both of us don’t have something like this right now. Just the thought could be enough in my case, the believe in it, to add feelings.

I mean I already got so much data around things, which often cost money or aren’t that easy to access or understand. I also have my own head which can process these things and build something with them. How am I not able to just do what they are talking about? It is all about doing it with love, following your gut. I mean even they said this. That is why I would actually give them some money, but it seems that I would need a credit card or something and I don’t have what they offer for payment.

It was the same with Minecraft back in the old days. I played it anyways, used a cracked version I found somewhere and I actually shared it with some friends, so they could use it as well. But when Mojang finally offered a payment method I could use, I bought the official game and I don’t regret it.
I just couldn’t buy it before in an easy way.

Question: Should I just trial and error do my own thing and present my experiences and results? In the end many of the original ones did this and only then they started to coach others or maybe while they just got it working themselves. But a master has to start from scratch and I always somehow start from scratch in some way. I don’t literally always make everything from scratch, but I have this need to understand in to the bottom. And then doing it from scratch seems like the best and almost only option for me. Not because it is easy, but because it is difficult and can teach me a lot and act as a challenge.

So easy things, seem more difficult to me because I always see a challenge and a problem in them, while they doesn’t have to a problem at all.

I already did a lot of things in my life, while compared to others I feel like doing nothing. While actually I may have done more than many. Just not what they did and not how they did it. The value is not always in numbers, money, success and such things, but in what you actually want to do, what you love and making it work. So if you love music, but can’t make music, this is very depressing. Why not just start making music? I did at one point, but stopped as soon as I started because I felt alone because no one seemed to be interested and like it. Even felt wrong to me myself after that.
And now I am just doing it anyways because it is good, at least for myself.

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