Day 11 (evening)

Amazing guy, just got his ad and watched it. It was different from all the other ones who simply say things like “I will tell you how tom ake $10,000 a month! Trust me!” No he told his story in nice and calm way, without pressure, without too much fun, just the way it is. So for me he represents trust.

While I am listening to the music, I am watching the first video from the hopetoknow website. It makes it so much better with this music. 😀

Well I guess I will now watch the workshop videos 🙂 I mean I already know a lot about it, but the most important part is, trust in myself. I can just do anything online, if I would want to and really go into it. I mean I understand the technology behind it, I know Assembler language, C / C++, C#, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, so many frameworks, website tools, development environments etc. But I do nothing with it. And many people want to learn how to program these days and also how to be free. So I have something to sell. Well I won’t sell my knowledge, but things related to it.

Because in my opinion knowledge for a greater good, shouldn’t cost money.
People often don’t have enough money and things which cost money scare peope away. (I know what I am talking about) Because as soon as something costs money, it could be a scam or just a nice story, but in the end you won’t get the money back and you got not much for it. So I wouldn’t invest the money because I don’t really trust people giving away knowledge for money.

This doesn’t mean it is completely wrong, no of course not. But for me and I think many other people, this is suspicous or just holding us back because we don’t want to waste our hard earned money for someone who already has much and in the end maybe got rich because he just told great stories.
You know how people can be.

Knowledge should be free, but what the knowledge can do, results can be paid for. What I am trying to say is, I am for free access to knowledge we actually want to have (no old stuff, no scam, no “I know everything, just give me money”), actual wisdom and great information which could make all of our lives easier. People in other countries would like to go to school because it is the only way for their children to get a better future and have access to knowledge. They often don’t have books or can’t read and if even, they have to work a lot for nothing it seems. So they at least want their children to go to school, but in these countries school costs money. I mean it always does, but in these countries the people have to pay for it because the taxes aren’t used for education. And if so, than probably not in a good or efficient way.

Imagine so many african states with free access to education and technology? They would probably fix their problems in no time. Maybe not all of them at once because we also can’t fix “dictatorship” in our countries. This doesn’t mean all countries are ruled by dictators or something, but that many want to be dictators because they want to have full control. They just don’t kill people visibly all the time or maybe don’t kill at all, but pay certain people to get power. You know what I mean, right?

But wouldn’t it be great to see Africa in a new light? A country full of potential and great people, who some day may change the world?
Why don’t we give them free access, why don’t we give our people free access to knowledge? I mean we have way more free access than them, but still we often don’t find what we actually need. I found it, but not because I searched for it. It found me. I just wanted a change, I knew I would die otherwise, so I got help in some way, a strange way, but mine.

This world I found is way brighter than the world we are used to because we all forgot how the world was, before we changed. It is because we think it was wrong, so we forget it because we get told, it is wrong. “Grow up kid! Get realistic!” – YES, but not the way YOU think I should.

My life, my rules and trust me, my rules are better than the ones they gave us. I am far from perfect, which makes me more perfect in this bright world. Perfection only leads to bad things. Something can be perfect and made perfect, but this isn’t the same, not for me.

If someone builds an instrument and it takes him some weeks because they want to make it real good, not just basic stuff. They put love and passion into it, a lot of time and interest. The instrument could be one of the best in the world. But if the same one would think, it has to be done in just three days, others can do it, I have to do it the same way – the instrument would probably just be garbage. The difference is, perfectionism is more like forcing things to be perfect and often in a fast or painful way because it seems to be the only way. And if something isn’t perfect than it is worthless.

But the one who takes time and does it with love, just does it real good, no matter whether it will be the best instrument or not. But they just want to do the best they can, because they know they can when they love what they are doing. Maybe it is complicated to understand, but it shouldn’t be. Perfectionism is forcing things to be perfect and feeling bad when they aren’t. Making something “perfect” just implies doing it with love, enough time how long it may will take and just the interest in doing something. Will it be perfect for everyone or just for yourself, it is just important, that you love it in the end. Even if it is just a basic instrument for some, for you it might be the best. And in the end it might be. Just don’t think it can’t be because you never built an instrument. At one point, no one did everything and everyone did nothing.

A great opportunity is always present, we just don’t see it as such. We always have the choice to continue with what we are doing right now, or just do something else. We have the choice. And this choice of course implies consequences in some way, but they could be far better than you think. We tend to only see the bad ones, no money comes in, no job, no progress, no future, no luck. When it really could be the exact opposite when we give it a chance, some time. Not just time of course, time doesn’t do a thing for us. But time for ourselves to develop something, in our minds and then in the world.

As a kid we all should have the possibility to do what we want, so we don’t have to regret it 50 years later or for 50 years all the time, but still continuing. Imagine a world in which you could get your own company as a teenager and you will have one. Just because no one believes it exists, it doesn’t exist for them.

When I was in my middle school (for me it was “Realschule” in Germany – and we have many different schools, man), I heard from young girls and boys getting money through websites and other things. It even was in my english class I think. Back then they used myspace or something. But I don’t think anyone thought this would be possible for them. “Cool story, but it is just a story.” Maybe some did believe they could get something like that, sure. But I don’t think I really thought about it. I didn’t even have internet back then, nor a “real” computer. I only had an old one with Windows 98, that is why I said “real”. It sure was a real computer, but nothing to explore the world. Still it opened and opportunity for me, an interest. I wanted to know how it works.

I had many good times playing the old “The Settlers II” from 1997, an amazing game up to this day. I am glad I played it and I just played it again during my last school time just half a year ago. The game is not special compared to what we have now, but if you think in what a time it was created and who created it, it is amazing.

So why don’t we give access to knowledge for free? Some people put money into our head: “It can’t be good when it is free!”, “You have to pay to get something good.”, “Why should I share my knowledge for free, knowledge I worked hard for, many years?”, “People can’t live from nice words alone.”
Oh how I hate such things because in my eyes they aren’t true or lead into a completely wrong direction. If we all would share our knowledge, we could create so much more out of it and have better lives. But no, we all have to pay for it or sell it because otherwise we or them can’t survive? Bullshit.

A world with free knowledge, access to such and care for each other, in this world no one would die because of money. We would die happy, when the time has come and we wouldn’t regret our lives. If really 85% of the people hate their jobs, why do we do them anyways? – Money, fear, survival, anxiety, hope? I don’t think it is hope.

I know I can’t create a better future, I know I can’t change the world. No, I can’t. But I can change something and maybe this can change the world. Because when I change something for the better in my life, I can see better things where I couldn’t see any for most of the time. When I do good things, I want to do and I feel good about, why shouldn’t I do them?

This world is so much, but it is not solid, it is not static and we often think we know what the world is all about, but then we just see a bluegreen potato or a ball floating in space. We are living on this potato thing, but we didn’t create it, yet we think we can make it better. When all it was, was perfect, before we entered. So why not just let it do what it can do? We are perfect, without being perfect but complete. A man on the streets might be more successful than the richest bank manager. If the only thing he wanted, was to be free on the streets. Maybe he even has enough money, maybe he had a house, a car, a pool, but he wanted the streets. So he might be the happiest person on the world, but looks like nothing from the outside.

No I don’t think that many people on the streets feel this way, the opposite is the case. But they sure have something we don’t have. They had seen the worst in front of them and they had to survive for real.
People in Africa have to survive for real, fear to be killed, also in other continents and countries. They have something we don’t have. They have real fear, a real fear for their lives. But all we have is, a fear to fail, so we kill ourselves because we don’t want to fail, while others want to live and survive wars and hunger, right in front of our eyes.

Why not work together? It is easier this way. It might be strange at first, but how should a better world look to you? How do you imagine a better world? Of course world peace would be in it, but this is something we don’t have control over, not yet. So what do you want to be different, so we all could have a better life? For me it is free access to knowledge and with it a good health care and food system, so no one has to be limited to their basic needs. These things should be free for all.

I know you might say, well but how would the doctors get paid, how should we get food? Well, food could be grown in the desert, if we would only try to. This doesn’t that the Sahara would turn into a jungle in just a couple of years, but if you don’t give it a chance because it looks impossible, it will never happen. Water is one of the rarest resources in some way, while 2/3 of our planet is covered in water. But it is salty water, ocean water. And they say, it is too expensive to filter it. Well, THEN MAKE IT CHEAPER! 😀

What kind of logic is this? Converting ocean water into drinking water is too expensive… but selling tap water for 1000% of the original cost and telling it is good water is possible? I mean tap water often is not bad, but selling it as something different, is bad. And also using a lot of plastic.
In a world in which things produced in masses are cheap as hell, why can’t we convert ocean water into drinking water?

We “just” have to find a better way, that is all.
It may not be too easy, but just saying “it is too expensive” won’t help either.
And it would be a shame, to see all the people die because be don’t have enough drinking water, while everything gets flooded with ocean water, sea level rising and so on. We build expensive car, with expensive resources in an expensive way – but this isn’t too expensive? Tell me more… (please don’t)

I just thought about the salt harvesting process and that we maybe could combine it with a fresh water converting process and maybe more. Win, win, don’t you think? I mean when you think about it. Salt is such an important thing. We use it for food, in medicine, to clean, to cook, and so on. Sure in many different way. But salt has always a role in our lives, as well as water. Always.

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