Day 11 (evening 2)

Oi, I should eat something. (Doesn’t use oi in the right way, but does it anyways.) – In the end it is right anyways. Doesn’t matter.

So we have to do something and we will. Just believe in it. Even if we fail to do, just believe we will, some of us. Failure implies a challenge and if it is for a better cause, it is worth to fail for it. The more we fail, the more nearer we can get. Sometimes failing means dying for the cause. But you don’t have to die and when I say “dying for the cause”, it could mean working in another country as a doctor and getting bombed by stupid military.

Don’t just kill yourself because of something, don’t kill someone else.
Try to do your best, especially when it seems wrong to others, but feels good and will be good. And if you get killed doing or at least trying it out, it might look like a failure, but you died for it because you believed in it.
Many people died for the things they believed in and some even for things which were good things. Martin Luther King for example, Malcom X, Bonhöfer, Jesus (even if you don’t believe in it being real, at least the Jesus in the bible died for a greater good and he believed in it) and so many other great people whos names we don’t even know, in wars we never heard of maybe.

They died, they might have failed, you could say. But they didn’t fail.
Their death gave us a meaning, a sign to be aware of evil, to be aware of the power of evil and that we can united at least change little things. They might not have changed the world in their life time, but they sure changed something and some lives up to this day. So it wasn’t a failure, but a complete success. Don’t think you have to die to be meaningful, but sometimes you might die, when you don’t expect it to happen. Just don’t force it, but if you have to do something because it feels right and you know, you will probably get killed for it, do it anyways, if it is worth doing for someone else, for a great good. But don’t do something bad because you think it is necessary for a greater good. Killing people is never good. It happens sometimes, accidents, rage, wars. But it is never good because everyone should have a chance. But I am not the judge and in a Hitler, world war II scenario, who would judge you, if you could kill Hitler and you do it? It wouldn’t be good for yourself because killing something changes you, but it would change something. But our lives and enemies aren’t this clear and sure these days, so don’t just kill anyone. But I can’t tell you, what to do. Just be sure you know it is good for something greater and not just for yourself in some way. People die everyday, every second I suppose, but why do they die and whatfor is important?

But now I should really eat something. I don’t feel well because I haven’t drink nor eat since the early hours of this day. I need some fresh water. 🙂

Till later!

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