Day 7 (until dawn)

A dark figure in brightest of corners

In a way Arnold new the water should be just right.
But it was only spring time and he doesn’t like cold water.
His friends were already in it, but then what is he waiting for?
So Arnold takes of his clothes and jumps only with his underwear inside the dark lake. Or at least this is what he thought. Then he decided to say good bye to his friends and turns away to walk home.

He was just two minutes away, when he heard some sort of thunder.
There it was again. He turned around. It was coming from the lake. But he knew exactly what it was, the first time he heard it. But after the third time he finally accepted the thought, he doesn’t want to think. Someone was shooting with a pistol, at least that is what it sounds like.

Arnold was almost paralyzed. “Is this really the real world? Am I dreaming?” He hopes…
But then he started to walk back slowly. He didn’t walk fast before, so while two minutes might seem long, he was maybe only hundred or maybe two hundred meters away from the lake.

So still gun shots in the air. Are they still firing or is he just hearing them over and over again in his brain? “I should call someone, call the police.”
His phone… Of course he left his phone at home. Always when he needs the phone it is either at home, has no battery left, no money or there is simply no connection. Why does he have a mobile phone in the first place? It wasn’t even his idea, but well, this doesn’t help now. What should he do?
“What should I do?”

A couple of minutes passed, but Arnold didn’t realize that. He was just shocked. He continued to walk towards the old forest lake. Then he heard a scream followed by another shot. It was Milly.
“Oh God… what is this?!”

Behind some bushes he arrived at the lake side. Then he saw blood, red water and a… a boy? The hell? The boy turned around with a gun in his hand.

Without a word, not able to breath. Arnold thought, now it is over. Why did he not just run home to call the cops or at least something else than this?
But the boy didn’t see him, not yet. All his friends seemed to be dead. Well, as far as Arnold could see in his position, so to say.
The boy turned around again. Walked towards one of the corpses, hit it in the chest with a long knife several times and then he screamed something.
Arnold heard him shouting words, but all he saw was blood, horror and his brain almost blacking out.

There it was, he felt like vomiting. But nothing happened. His head started to hurt, then everything went black. Blackout…

Some minutes passed until Arnold came back up from his sleep.
He was still in the bush, but something was wrong. What was this thing in his hand?

“Holy shit! Holy shit! What the hell… NO”
The pistol the boy had, it was in his hand. But how? Why?
There was blood on his jacket, was it there before?
“Can’t be? WHAT HAPPENED!?”

Sirens in the distant, getting closer.

“It wasn’t me, what is this?
Where is the boy? Did he do this?”
Arnold was more than confused, he was shaking, he was in fear for his life.
He was in fear when he heard the shooting, but now it was different.
They would think, it was him, won’t they?

He through got out of his jacket and threw it on the ground.
Not because he thought it would make any change to the situation, but there was blood on it.
“Who’s blood is this? Oh God no…”
Then something reflected the sunlight, what is this in his pocket?
He had nothing in his pocket, had he?
“My phone, what? How. I… It wasn’t there before.”
Arnold starts to freak out. “What is happening?!”

The sirens are very loud now.

He forgot about the sirens, he didn’t even hear them, but now there they are again. Like screaming animals. The flashing lights are flooding the calm lake and what happened here. Arnold standing there, in the middle of the scene.

One day prior – 4 PM

“Sam, do you want to come over? We have cookies, you know?”, Marc said while talking in his smartphone.

A door fell shut. Dad was home again. Not now…
“Marc what is this?! I just went away for two days and you and your friends created this mess alreay?”, Marc’s father said. “But dad, you said you will come back tomorrow, didn’t you?”, Marc replied.

“Well something changed and now I am back, as you can see. Now take your friends and clean up this chaos or I won’t say calm.”, he shouted at Marc and his friends.
‘Two days… He said three, until Monday morning’, Marc thought, while grumbling. His friends just stood there quietly. “Okay, can we just clean up together?”
Sally said, she had to go home now anyways. Bob, said his father might wait for him already and Steven, well Steven came towards him and said: “Where do we wanna start?” With a nice smile on his face.

Forest lake – present time

Two officers were getting closer, while Arnold still stood there in horror. Well he wasn’t standing in the open, he was leaning on a tree next to the bush where he was hiding before. The gun was in front of him on the floor as well as his bloody jacket with his phone, at least it looked like it.

The officer in front where shouting something, he couldn’t hear the words, but he understood, that he should get on the ground. At least something like this, he thought. While he was going down, he went towards the jacket and pistol in front of him. He didn’t realize it, but although he was slow, one of the policeman noticed the gun. He shouted something: “Do….t mov…!” “… move!”

Another shot.

The other officer had shot in the air one time. Arnold just fell backwards, screaming…

The first policeman got towards Arnold instead of helping him up, he turned him around, face on the ground. Then he got out some hand cuffs and put them around Arnolds hand, while hold on the back.
‘This can’t be happening. Please let it be a nightmare.’, he thought.

Arnold vomitted all over the floor while his face was still pressed on the ground. He couldn’t breath.

Blackout again.

Police station – 1 hour later

They put Arnold in the car after they cleaned up his face with a tissue.
After that he got into one of the empty cells inside the local police station.
But before they left, maybe ten police cars and also some medics cars came to the lake.
He was the killer. At least this is what everyone thought. Even Arnold himself wasn’t sure about anything anymore. His world view just broke, nothing was in order, everything upside down. Was he the killer?

“Are you Arnold Kaminski? Terral Street 305?”, an older man with a gray mustage said to him, while he was in his cell. “Hey listen, I know this from you license, so just say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, okay?”
“Okay kid. And are you 18 years old?”
“Eh… I guess so.”
“Yes or no? I mean, you should know how old you are. I am just reading what I have from your pocket.”
“Then it must be 18, yes.”
“Okay. Well, then I will give that into the system. Later someone will drive you over to the doc, so they can check the blood on your clothes and the other necessary things.”

Arnold just locked at him with a stare of pure fear and confusion. Nothing was real, it can’t be. This must be a dream, right?


So far I just wrote, while listening to the music. I just had a feeling and started to write. But now I am a little tired and the power is almost out.

I am not sure what to make of it, but maybe I will continue to write, maybe that is just it, for the story. But I sure will write something this afternoon or evening again.

I know why I was writing, but I am not sure whether it was a story I should continue. It is not special, it is just generic, created out of what I watched, heared and listened to recently and also inspired by own feelings. So is it just like any other story? Yes and no, but just let it be, what ever it is.

And compared to what I was writing before I started this, I think I wrote less than now. Because the last days I wrote at least three times a day and each time at least some videos or even some monologs. So before I wrote publicly, sometimes I also wrote this much, but not each day I guess. But then I can’t really recall. Still now it is way different, while I am still just writing what comes in mind and what recieve in some way.
The videos aren’t searched or in some way forced, they all come to me, either as recommendation or a feeling, that I should click on a channel and then on a videos. It just happens.

So if they are related to what I am writing it is cool, but it wasn’t me who choose them, not really.

This said, good night to you all.
Have a good night and don’t dream of my writings, please don’t.
But maybe you need it, who am I to judge? Just stay save.
“I hope to be around” And also I hope you stay around. 🙂
See you!

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