Day 5 (afternoon)

(Dream log)

About the last night I am not sure whether I remember multiple dreams or just one. But I remember being in another city near water, either an ocean or just some sea (not a lake). In the morning I got to work or school or something, but not the usual ways, like bus, train, car, by walking, no. I went to a port of some sort and there was some kind of ship or underwater vessel, like a sea taxi you could say. And with it many people got to work or whatever they were doing.

One day I got in the vessel and I just had some short trousers and an undershirt (which was a little too short and dark blue). I felt uneasy because I normally don’t go to work or in general somewhere else like this. I felt almost naked and even the other passengers were talking and had questioning looks towards me.

I got into this vessel several times, so I am not sure how many days went by while in my dream, but one day I also felt uneasy, but I had a t-shirt this time. It also was as if I got into the vessel from the other side and had no t-shirt when I got the in the first place. So I wondered like “Where did this come from?”

The other dream, what felt wired into this after I woke up, was about a game, which wasn’t just a game. And now I think I may have played it at home during the first scenery and when I was on the other side (where ever the vessel was bringing me), I actually found the game to be real.
Let me explain…

The game was some sort of horror game and could be related to the Let’s Play Gronkh (a well known german YouTuber) played not long ago.
It was about going down dark pipes and monster and all that, but in the end more a way to show a way to overcome fear, guilt and doubt and never letting go of the hope, even though it always seems as if it can’t be possible anymore and it is just getting worse. (At least this was my and partially Gronkh’s conclusion). In the dream I actually had seen Gronkh playing this game and at one point I even was him in some way or just had seen the world as him. But when I was home in the dream I played this game and it felt pretty real, although it wasn’t VR and the graphics were pretty bad. It felt as if it was sucking me in at some points. And then when I discovered with someone else on the “other” side, that there also was a strange pipe going somewhere like in the game, we wanted to investigate this.
And actually brought some flash lights and other stuff and went down.
But I can’t really remember whether we found something or what happened, but it was as if we were in the game, only in real life then.

About the vessel, in additon, there was always a captain (at least someone who somehow controlled it) and one time I was late and he just wanted to start. Then he saw me, open the small hatch for his seat and yelled at me, that I should go faster and he was waiting for me or something.
And the vessel looked very small from the outside and more like a submarine boat. But inside it looked more like a normal boat, what didn’t make sense, but well it was a dream. While it sure was even strange for me in the dream, it still didn’t bother me enough to really question it.

(Dream log over)

Coincidence – nothing but a coincidence

Today I was again talking about coincidence and how in different ways, coincidence could be explained as a rational thing, although you still wouldn’t be able to understand it, but had at least a chance to.
So it was about the many stories about “No-Coincidence” in which by “coincidence” many people got things done in a very strange and almost magical way, they didn’t think of before.

And how one woman even talked with a mathematician about it and he of course laughed it of, as being silly or something. Of course.
But then in a so called logical world a mathematician must live in, it seems almost paradox to still believe in coincidence, don’t you think? I mean you say everything is somehow calculateable and can be expressed with numbers, but well, THAT thing is just conincidence. Don’t you think, there is a problem with this?

So I mean they would probably say, well there is a somewhat percentage and chance you could have met this woman, that person and find a way to get this from there and so on. Sure… And yeah this is right, but then it wouldn’t be conincidence, or would it be? I think the meaning of conincidence varies from person to person and culture and so on.

There will always be something we can’t really explain or understand, but if we force us to believe we can, we probably see and understand less than we could.

For example a computer also has the ability to give you a random number, whatever that means. In a more specific way (and I am not too much into this, so maybe I am partially wrong) there is a technological way to give you a random number. The computer also has an intern clock system which is not like our clock, but the clock we see is connected to it. And this clock just counts up all the time. This happens in nano seconds at least in this number section. So when a program “asks” for a random number, it often just takes the current value of the intern clock at the moment it wants it. This value always changes and so there is always a random number. Of course in between is some calculation, so the number you get isn’t a strange nano seconds value, but the result is calculated out of the “random” clock value.

Some clocks are in some way syncronized, so the random number could appear to be the same, depending on the technic which was used. But in general this is how it works. So now you could say, well okay, yeah just basic coincidence, just random. Sure… I mean of course it is, otherwise the whole idea of a random number thing would be pointless, right? But let us look a little deeper.

If for some reason, you should still want to know how the random number actually comes to be so random and whether they could be a way to pretict this number, well let’s see.
How do scientist proof their work or proof themselves wrong?
They do certain things over and over again and if they follow a specific rule, this rule is the proof and if not well then they were wrong, at least partially maybe.
So if you would, lets say calculate some trillion random numbers and also save the actual value of the intern clock, the time how long you program uses to process everything, the CPU time, motherboard connection times, wire strength etc. All the little details. Then you probably would at some point be able to predict the outcome. Maybe not perfect, but at least you could get a better understanding. And maybe some say it is too complicated or someone already did this. But whether it is “possible” or not, in some way each coincidence could be calculated and therefor explained. Only problem, we aren’t able to do it right away because it is much more complex than we think or want to understand maybe. SO we just say “naaah, that is just pure coincidence. You are just thinking something together…”

Well, maybe, maybe not. But if we just shut over mouths, ears and eyes, we of course will never really understand.
So keep saying “coincidence” and everything might just be a coincidence for you.

God is dead, if you believe he is dead, God is alive, if you believe he might exists. In the end he might always existed, was different than we all thought or never was at all. It doesn’t matter because, the believe let’s you see, what your brain can’t. The view on the world makes the world, but some things are the way they are, are they? Who can be sure. But you will understand, if you see farther than what they say is possible or true.

And when too many “conincidences” come together, you will have to accept a pattern, but if you don’t accept it, you won’t be able to see it. So therefor it doesn’t exist for you, while it might still be there. And if you believe the pattern is there, you will see it one day. Maybe even tomorrow or just in this moment.

I once heard from a mathematician who developed some formular to calculate everything. I am not sure how he did it and can’t remember the whole story. But he put a lot of numbers together, like people heling eachother, what they do in general, love, hate, actions, results and so on.
In the end he couldn’t believe there could be love, a God, hope or something good in the world because he (at least for himself) was able to calculate everything, so nothing was related to something spiritual, love or something. Humans just do good things, do get good things back or do bad things because they want more of what they can’t get etc.
Everything made sense for him in a horrible way, so he ended up homeless at some point and I am not sure, but probably killed himself or at least died because of what he found.

Does this mean, there really is nothing out there?
Well you could see it this way, but I guess in the end he just hoped that there must be a God or something out there, everything can’t be just like that. But he was so irritated, broken and lost, that he died because of it in the end.

For myself I think there is of course much we can calculate and many things are pretictable because that is just how things work. And if we come to God, if we see past, present and future as big formulars, wired with static numbers, variables, chances, possibilities and so on, many things are predictable for tousands of years maybe more. Only because we can’t do it, doesn’t mean something or someone can’t as well. So is it God, a bigger physical law or both, we don’t see or fully understand yet, there is way more to everything. And I wouldn’t say that the ability to calculate some things, mean there is no hope or everything is predicted. Some things sure are, but like maths in general, the start and the end of a successful calculation are always the same, but one does it this way and the other in another way. Still both get the same result. So while we might have a predicted future, past and present, we as a variable in the world of numbers, could indeed make a change. It might not change the end result, might not change much, but we could still change something for us and others. And still everything would be calculatable in some way, but not in a static way, no one could ever change. So free will is a thing, although it might be different than we think or thought.

You can achieve anything, if you believe in it and everything is possible as long as you know it can be. There things which seem the least possible, might be the ones you should follow or investigate. Remember, the smallest things are the most important. The biggest machine on the world, only works because all wires, are working, if just one breaks, one small element breaks, the whole thing might not work at all.

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