Day 3 (until dawn)

In one way it is just stupid, but in another way it is just funny

Sometimes such random things are way better than expected. Just some people having fun together. 😀 And at first I thought that the girl on the right was an actress. But well even if this should be the case it wasn’t the one I thought she was. This VLOG is like something out of a movie.

Sadly there are just four videos on this channel and it seems like it is dead.
Well I just hope everything is fine. Had some great potential. Not because it was that good or something, but just the warm atmosphere, some friends doing stupid things and laugh about it. I guess there could be a lot people who just want something like that. But yeah, real friends are better, if they are “real” real friends, understand? Still, I don’t regret a minute watching this video.

And now I will try to start developing my app to help people who are alone in some way. At least some basic structure to start with.

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