Day 2 (until dawn)

Some hours ago I undecorated the christmas tree (finally), but it was still looking good after one month. Pretty impressive.
And I also made some photos of old things from my grandparents which I will either sell, donate or give someone of my family. Some of the things look like they could be from a museum or should be placed in one.
I mean some of the things might be three times my age, if not older.

What people have in their houses and don’t know about… 😀

I just started with one cabinet for now. When some or all of the items from the first one are in other hands, I will do the same with the next and so on.
Most of the things can still be used, but I simply have too much things and most of them are not needed for myself. So yeah, why not sell them or at least give them someone else.

And now I will make a new track and later continue with Orphan Black.
Ah man, there is so much to share and to learn, for both of us.
There never is an end to new things. It will always give something new to explore, to study or experience. Especially these days.

I wonder how this year will turn out to be in the end. Will it be just another year or will there be a totally new era at the end? Who knows…

Do we really want to waste our time to serve a system which clearly isn’t working the way it should work? Or maybe it does, but we expected it to be different. Common sense…
Not everyone is evil, but also not good. Sometimes both. Just telling, the politicians are all the same is also wrong. There are good people who most of us might not even know. In every place is a good soul. Even if it seems like nothing good could come from it. We all were young at one point. Otherwise we would be just machines of some sort, programmed to work and have a “basic” life, to serve the elite. But we all were young, so all of us have a chance to do something else. Just the difficulty for most of us is on “Hard” or “Ultra Hard”. Still it is possible, just harder.

For the next track Lux noctis:

Matthew 5:10 “Blessed are those who suffer for doing what is right. The kingdom of heaven belongs to them.”

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