(Tiger) Shadows watching your back

And I want you to stay,
would this anger not follow my day,
should throw it out at metal boxes,
and not a group of searching foxes.

I might not be forgiven here,
but there are other ways than fear,
once faced, once fought you shall prevail.
escaping the bars, fog and prison jail.

I am here and won’t want you to go.
Not for a metal machine or after glow.
From nature we rise, a silly disguise.
I had the darkness I tried to despise.

Nature can come and open the doors,
no matter what happened on darkened floors.
The cold of the city, the fear of the town,
like an old tale or the smile of a clown.

In the woods, far, far away,
there aren’t such things, nothing to pay.
Only the wind, the free morning dew.
With or without me, you really should stay.
Unlike me, some found a way.
Be they many or be they few.

No matter how dark, no matter how keen.
It is good you are here from what I have seen.
I am sure you don’t think the same about me.
Since I stumble and struggle and shamefully flee…